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On April 18, 2013 a woman was taken to Restpadd Psychiatric Inc, 2750 Eureka Way Redding, Ca.and admitted.

When she arrived she was heavily medicated, disoriented, and tried to leave the facility. Staff tried to subdue her using undue force causing several lacerations, a cracked rib and severe bruising. A witness that had gone with her was standing outside of a locked glass door and saw 3 employees knock the woman to the floor, kicking, punching and scratching her. The woman managed to reach a phone and call for help.

When she was taken to the emergency room a police officer from Redding, Ca was called. The officer stated that even tho the woman had a cracked rib, a bruise the shape of a fist in the center of her chest and a bruise in the shape of a boot imprint on her the left side of her stomach that he felt her injuries "were not that serious" The officers supervisor was called by a concerned party and the officer returned to the hospital to take photos of the injuries. There is a video of the attack yet law enforcement says they do not have the legal right to view the video without the facilities consent. This was a 5'6" woman that weighs 125 lb there was no reason for 3 employees to "restrain" her by knocking her to the floor, kicking, punching and scratching her.

This facility is supposed to be a safe place where mentally ill people go to get help, not abused. Law enforcement is supposed to investigate abuse allegations, not dismiss them as not that serious. How can law enforcement ignore a boot shaped bruise on a persons stomach that can only be caused one of two ways? Either the woman was dropped kicked in the stomach or she was knocked to the ground and stomped on.

How can they explain a fist shaped bruise in the center of her chest?The only way for that to happen is for her to be struck with a closed fist with enough force to leave the imprint.

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Funny that "Deborah" doesn't indicate how she is allegedly privy to this information?These things do get investigated, whether or not a business wants to "hide something under the rug".

This whole story is hearsay. Too many people trying to find fault where there isn't any. As for the Admin, he/she shouldn't lower themselves to comment' it's not in your best interest. For the record, no facility is safe from abuse even the best ones.

There is always a bad apple somewhere, and why cameras should be visible and in working order. These facilities are monitored 24-7.

I wasn't there, and not saying they're not a fault, but the truth lies only with the person filing the complaint, not someone who just decides to post this one day.


They tinted the glass to prevent outsiders from seeing future abuse ? how clever.

If they mistreat you or your loved ones behind the locked doors of Restpadd psychiatric you can always confront the abusers in the parking lot as they walk to there cars if the cops won't help you.

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Ive been to Restpadd on business.You cannot see through the locked glass door.

It is tinted and mirrored to provide privacy for the patients.

Should have gotten their stories in line before filing a complaint.Also, I noted no boots on any of the employees.

Redding, California, United States #685359

Info is not correct.Restpadd is a Psychiatric Health Facility licensed by the State.

Patients are on 5150's, 72 hour holds from the ER or police. Patients can be assaultive and unpredictable. We have a team of professionals, Psychiatrist's, PA, nurses and MHT's.

We would never hit or assault a patient for any reason.A copy of the video exists and was given to police several months ago.


Restpadd Psychiatric Facility 2750 Eureka Way Ca

Restpadd Psychiatric Health Facility

One thing I can tell you with absolute certainty is that in the psychiatry business, the culture of ‘looking the other way’ is the norm, not the exception. You would be extremely hard pressed to find anyone working in that psych ward that will speak up when viscous crimes are committed by staff against other human beings. Ask, what is it that drives psychopaths to seek careers in psychiatry? I know exactly what that is. But first you have to understand what a true psychopath is.

It is a person who has no conscience, no sense of right or wrong, no guilt, shame, empathy, or anything within the usual set of characteristics that make one human. And they are attracted to occupations where they have power over others. To get others in a position where there are no witnesses, and in a setting where the psychopath seemingly has near unquestionable credibility. Once the victims are thrown into this scenario, the psychopaths are free to inflict any means of torture and abuse they want until they get their psychological ‘high’

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